Suspect ~ 4 star review

Suspect by Robert Crais
Rating:  4/5

The story begins with a German Shepherd dog named Maggie and how she lost her partner, Pete. They were a pack together until Pete was killed in Afghanistan.

And then we were introduced to Scott James who is an LAPD cop at the beginning of the novel. One night when he was on duty with his partner, Stephanie Anders and enjoying the silence of night things take a wrong turn when a Bentley shows up and the officers decide to follow it. Upon reaching the T-intersection they saw a black Kenworth truck coming from across the street and hit the Bentley. The two officers to the rescue ran to the Bentley but things didn't go as planned they were shot. Stephanie died on the spot and Scott survived.

9 months later, Scott still unfit for duty but won't rest until he finds his partner's killers. He meets his new partner, the German Shepherd dog, Maggie. Now both have lost their partners and find comfort in each other. Scott works hand in hand with the new detectives working on his case (Bud Orso and Joyce Cowly) after detective Melon retired, he works hard to find the killers. Eventually the killers are found and you will be shocked to discover who was also involved in the shooting

I honestly feel like this novel is well written. Everytime you think the truth is about to be revealed, the story takes another turn. I do however wish that Robert Crais gave us more of Scott and Detective Cowly's relationship.

The author got me confused when it came to the former detective Merlon who was working on his case. Scott from being his enemy to being his good friend in one day is a bit too much