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Book Title: A Life By Design (The Italian Family Series) by Lucy Appadoo
Category: Adult Fiction, 211 pages
Genre: 20th Century Historical Romance, coming of age story set in Milan, Italy
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: Aug 24, 2018
Format available for review: ebook (mobi, PDF, ePub)
Tour dates: Sept 24 to Oct 12, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 + M

Book Description:

When 20-year-old Elena Allegro leaves the Italian village of Laurino to study Fashion Design in Milan, she’s certain her dreams are about to come true. Despite her father’s warnings that risk comes with her newfound freedom, she loves her studies and develops a love interest with Francesco, the handsome young entrepreneur who offers her a part-time job in a Milan clothing store.

It seems like an idyllic situation—until a stalker targets Elena, tormenting her with mind games and threatening her safety. In the face of escalating danger to herself and to Francesco, Elena must fight for her freedom, her love, and her survival.

Guest Post


Imagine your name is Elena who is 20-years old and comes from a small Italian village.
Imagine you have a dominating father who has had expectations of you to work on the family farm, tend to his domestic needs, follow the cultural rules, and push back your dream of fashion design work.
The father mellows over the years, but you still struggle to convince him to study Fashion Design in Milan. He eventually relents after you formulate a plan.
You travel to Milan with your brother and meet your love interest.
You soon realise that someone is terrorising you, but you can’t figure out who or why. As far as you know, you don’t have any enemies. After all, you’ve lived on the family farm all your life.
You have a supportive group of friends but you continue to be terrorised over and over again by this unknown person.
How would you feel in this situation? One in which you cannot control and has no end in sight?
All of these incidences mentioned above can teach you to be resilient, mature and skilled in problem-solving. During times of distress, you never give up, but keep fighting another fight.
My new novel, A Life By Design is the next instalment of The Italian Family Series. Elena is Valeria’s sister from my novel, Dancing in the Rain, and she is a bubbly, warm, and independent woman who dreams of becoming a fashion designer.
I enjoyed writing a Life By Design as I immersed myself into Elena’s journey. She is a part of me that is creative, resilient, adventurous, and always willing to try out new things. She will feel the fear and do it anyway.
I write stories to inspire the community by learning from the themes of my novels. I also write to obtain mastery of a world full of possibilities and opportunities, and to explore the imagination merging with realism and meaning-making; to make sense of the world.
I experiment with characters’ worlds and become inspired after I have mulled over several scenarios. I take time away from the story when the right idea suddenly comes to me after returning to it later.
Immersing myself into the world of the character helps me to move the story along, and develop solutions to conflicts.
My writing comes from an interest in psychology, and as a Counsellor, I enjoy looking at motivations to understand why characters behave the way they do.
I enjoy the process of writing to encapsulate different worlds where anything is possible, provided it is also realistic, given the personalities and motivations of the characters.
Generally, I write to problem-solve, entertain, and inspire my reading community in a myriad of ways. I like to inspire, entertain, and educate others. I believe I will write until the end of my days as it is one of my deepest passions.

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Meet the Author:

Lucy is an author of romantic suspense, historical fiction/coming of age, short story thrillers, and non-fiction books. She is also a Registered Counsellor/Wellness Coach, and works as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for the Australian Government.

Lucy enjoys reading romantic suspense, romance, thrillers, crime novels, family/historical drama, and sagas. She has enjoyed travelling to exotic places such as Madrid, Mauritius, and Italy, and draws on these experiences in her creative writing.

Lucy’s favourite authors include Kendra Elliot, Christiane Heggan, Theresa Ragan, Tara Moss, Nicholas Sparks, Adriana Trigiani, Erica Spindler, and James Patterson (to name a few).

Lucy’s interests include meditation, exercising, journal writing, reading fiction and nonfiction texts about writing, coaching, and counselling, ongoing professional development, spending time with her husband and two daughters, and socialising with friends and family.

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